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Situated between the city-centres of Neuwied and Coblence, Bendorf is a charming town in which modern living and history are balanced. Discover the atmosphere of the past and be fascinated with picturesque surroundings. Diversified leisure time and sporting opportunities are to be found close by as well as numerous beautiful destinations. They range from easygoing nature walks through to strolls in the city. Enjoy your stay at Berghotel Rheinblick and its gorgeous surroundings.


...festival on the Rheinblick: where once in the roasting furnaces the iron-ore was pre-processed, today the cultural forum of Bendorf presents you a unique arts and music performances on stage.

...Rheinsteig, Our hotel is situated on the wayside of the famous trail.

...Traumpfade, all your senses will come alive walking the dreampaths (Traumpfade) at Rhine, Moselle and Eifel.

...Vulkanpark, experience a “journey into the past” and be fascinated by elemental forces.


...the Cable Railway was a highlight of the state-flower-show 2011 in Coblence. It is still connecting the “German Corner” with the fortress of Ehrenbreitstein across Rhine River.

...just a couple of minutes away by car is the Castle of Stolzenfels and the romantic middle rhine valley.

...the Geyser in Andernach is known as the highest cold-water-geyser in the whole world.

...the museum of iron-art in Bendorf-Sayn is a good place to get information about the history in iron-ore.

...the Villa Musica is a joy for anyone who enjoys classical music.

...Cultural Park Sayn, the “cultural masterpiece of the region” offers a wide range of sights. Discover, experience and enjoy!

...Nürburgring: One of the most popular racetracks in the world is just 60km away from our hotel.

...the Golf Club Rhein-Wied e.V., is situated between Koblenz and Neuwied at the foot of the Westerwald. The topography of this place offers a fantastic view over Rhine river. Due to its car noise secluded location, the course offers a restful and relaxed round of golf. The course is rather short, but due to its hilly location and partly narrow fairways on almost all lanes, it is a challenge for golfers of all handicap classes. We offer the golfers special rates upon presentation of the hotel booking.


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